Portfolio Management Service

Portfolio Management Service

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a tailored service that provides a variety of investment strategies designed to meet the specific needs of clients and take advantage of market opportunities to achieve their financial goals. PMS involves managing a client’s assets by investing in a range of financial instruments, including shares, bonds, fixed deposits, and money market instruments. Experienced portfolio managers construct portfolios based on market conditions and the client’s risk and return preferences, with the aim of meeting their long-term financial objectives.

Why Elite Capital for PMS?

At Elite Capital our PMS strategies for the clients are guided by the Goal-based Investing. We construct portfolios based on our clients’ goals, risk appetite, personal circumstances. We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services.

With our discretionary offering, we invest on behalf of our clients. We draw on proven market expertise to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Our non-discretionary PMS enables you to be in control in decision making based on the recommendation from our portfolio managers.

Our solutions are focused on real value creation. Our views are fundamental in nature, macro-focused and complemented by bottom-up approach. Our experts span all asset classes and investment strategy styles.

What do we offer?

  • Dream Plus Portfolio
  • Basic Portfolio
  • Elite Privilege Portfolio
  • Secured Return Portfolio
  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio

 Dream Plus Portfolio:

 Dream Plus Portfolio is targeted towards people with dream to achieve specific goals, such as purchasing a home, vehicle, going for vacation etc.

The clients have usually high risk tolerance capacity for the investment amount.


Minimum Investment: 3 lakh                  Hurdle rate: 8%                              AMC fee: 1.5%

Performance fee: 15% above hurdle       Lock-in period: Minimum 2 years

Exit fee: 2%                                        Risk Scale (1-5): 3-4      Targeted Return: 25% plus CAGR

Basic Portfolio:

Designed for constant-income groups and new investors who are seeking a secure financial future and want to invest in a portfolio that takes calculated amount of risk while seeking growth with value preservation.

The clients usually have average risk tolerance.


Minimum Investment: 3 lakh                      Hurdle rate: 8%                          AMC fee:  1.5%

Performance fee: Up to 15%        Lock-in period: 2 years                  Exit fee: 2%

Risk Scale (1-5): 1-3(average)                     Targeted Return: 15% plus CAGR             

Elite Privilege Portfolio:

The Elite Privilege Portfolio is designed for high-net-worth individuals who want exceptional returns on their investments and are willing to take a reasonable amount of risk to achieve those returns.

Portfolio segregated for trading and investment purposes


Minimum Investment: 1 crore                   Hurdle rate: 8%                           AMC fee: negotiable

Performance fee: Up to 10%       Lock-in period: 2 years                  Exit fee: 2%       

Risk Scale(1-5): 2-4                                          Targeted Return: 20% plus CAGR             

Secured Return Portfolio:

Designed for clients who want fixed returns with upside potential,

The Secured Return Portfolio is designed for individuals, institutional clients and retired professionals who are seeking preservation of capital with constant income stream.


Minimum Investment:10 Lakhs                 Guaranteed rate: 10% annual           AMC fee: none

Performance fee: 50% above guaranteed  Lock-in period: 2-3years                   Exit fee: 2%  Risk Scale(1-5): below 1                                Targeted Return: guaranteed plus 

Non-Discretionary Portfolio:

Designed for busy professionals who want to make their own investment decisions without having to handle their portfolio on a daily basis.

Clients make their own buy/sell decision and all other works handled by EMCL.

Client will get investment recommendations however ultimate decision will be made by client

Hassle-free management of portfolio


Minimum Investment: 25 Lakhs                AMC fee: Up to 2%            Performance Fee: none

Lock-in period: 1 year                                    Exit fee: Up to 1%                 Risk Scale(1-5): Varies

Want to know more? 


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View our 2023 Portfolio Management Service brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.

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